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Frequent Asked Questions

Do you take Medicaid insurance?


Yes. We participate with all Medicaid insurances. Please call the office for your specific plan coverage.

Do you take CareSource?


Yes. We accept CareSource insurance and other Medicaid plans (Buckeye, Molina, Aetna, Paramount, United Healthcare). Please call the office to schedule.

Do you accept new patients?


Yes. We accept new patients. Please call the office so we can further assist you.

Do you open on Fridays?


Yes, we do open on Fridays. Please call the office to make the appointment.

Do you open late evenings? I have to work and can't get off early.


Yes, we do open some late evenings to accommodate your work schedule. Please call the office to make the appointment.

I have emergency and can't make it to the appointment. Can I reschedule?


We have a strict cancellation policy. We expected our patients to give us 48-hour notice if they can't make it to their appointment. We understand people have emergency in their life. Multiple no shows or cancellations within short notice may result in Same Day Treatment only. That means you have to call us on the day that you want to come in to see if we have any availability on that day. We hope you will never run into this situation.

Do you offer laughing gas (Nitrous) or sedation?


We do not offer laughing gas (Nitrous) or IV sedation to our patients. However, for selective patients who have severe anxiety, we do offer oral sedation to help them get through the procedures. You will need to bring a driver with you to your appointment because you won't be able to drive home by yourself.

I am a new patient. I don't want X-Rays. I just need a cleaning. Can I be seen?


Once you become our patient, as a healthcare provider, we are responsible for your oral health. Without taking X-Rays, we can't properly diagnose and provide you the accurate treatment plan that is personalized for you. We must have you take X-Rays before we treat you, even just for a cleaning. You may need a deep cleaning instead of a regular cleaning.

I just had my X-Rays taken at another dental office, and I don't want to have them taken again here. What should I do?


Please contact your last dental office to have your records transferred to us via email. We will gladly update them to your record.

Still have questions? Please contact our office directly via phone or email.

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